"Debra gave me the most beautiful astrology reading.  I truly enjoyed every moment. She took her time to explain the various aspects of astrology and truly gave me a glimpse into my inner soul being. Just by viewing my chart Debra was able to tell me about my personality down to the very minor details, and she was able to illuminate areas of strength and areas where more work is needed. She delivered her messages in a kind, supportive and graceful manner, and it is clear that she uses astrology as a tool to help all people enhance their lives and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. If you feel like it’s time to learn more about your soul’s journey, call Debra now!"    - Amy 

“I have been a client of Debra’s for years (massage, energy work, etc), so when I heard she was expanding and doing Astrology readings I had to get a birth chart reading for my daughter! …Knowing that she is drawn to music and dance has been super invaluable, especially when she was small and unable to express her needs, wants, and desires. And just as Debra’s reading predicted, music always brightens her mood and she loves to dance!    -Melissa 

“I loved my astrological ready by Debra. I found it to be informative yet a confirmation of what I had been feeling! I highly recommend Debra.”  -Mary 

"I absolutely loved my astrology reading with Debra! The two-sentence summary of me that she started out with gave me chills and when I read it to a good friend she said it was a spot-on description of me.  Many things I knew about myself were confirmed and it helped so much to understand the why. I also got some great new insights that make me confident that my second half will have much meaning and I will be living my purpose!  The entire session was so interesting and informative and I love the way Debra explained things so I could understand. She clearly has a deep understanding of astrology."   Thanks!  -JoAnn 

"Debra’s reading was really well organized and easy to understand.  It was clear she is passionate about astrology and super knowledgeable.  During the session, she helped me explore and understand how what my chart ‘told’ her played out in my life.  Most of which was spot on!  While there were no real surprises, the information made sense to me and helped me understand myself better and see some things I can do going forward into the next phase of my life with a greater sense of purpose and ease.  I left the session feeling really energized.   I highly recommend Debra to anyone interested in understanding their birth chart and the role of astrology in their life."      – Cindy

"I thoroughly enjoyed my astrology reading with Debra. She went through my chart, explained how things were aligned and how they affected each other and, in turn, me. She is so passionate, and seemed just as excited to read my chart as I was to have it read. She was very thorough, stopped along the way to be sure I understood what she was saying and asking if it resonated with me (it did!!)  She provided a 2-sentence synopsis at the end that was a concise summary of the reading. She emailed this to me, and I am going to print it and hang it on my refrigerator for reference.  I would highly recommend Debra to anyone interested in having their astrological chart read! Such a fun, enlightening and affirming experience.  Debra is truly gifted!"     - Nancy 

"When I learned that Debra had been trained in astrology and was offering personal natal chart readings, I was really excited to work with her! Debra has always been naturally intuitive, skilled at holding space for others, and communicates her innate wisdom in a clear and easy way. It was no surprise to me that a single natal chart reading with Debra proved to be a profound experience. It was as if she immediately saw through to the authentic core of who I am, and what I have been working through in this lifetime. She relayed the information displayed in my chart in a clear and insightful way, celebrating my strengths, and guiding me through the challenges presented to me in this incarnation with love, compassion, respect and even a little humor!  It felt as though she was looking through a window into my soul, reflecting back to me with depth and empathy the complexities that were found there.  I felt safe, held and supported throughout our session, especially through the places within my chart that were hard to look at.  Everything that was presented to me resonated deeply, providing validation in my experience, and giving valuable insight into my soul’s journey.  Debra is a gem of a human being and a true joy to work with; I would absolutely recommend her for astrological readings! The knowledge you will gain in the process is invaluable."    -Emily

"Debra’s reading was spot on and validated some things I already knew.  She took her time to explain my chart, I learned more about myself than I expected.  She helped me realize I have the tools to move forward.  Debra’s knowledge, warm and down-to-earth personality made me feel at ease.  I would definitely recommend a reading."   – Jodie 

"I didn’t know what to expect, and the way she explained things made me look at astrology differently… I hadn’t thought much about how each planet and house related to one another and the qualities each represented. Debra simplified in a way I could understand the complex and layered nature of how they talked to one another. It made a lot of sense, and I can see it takes a very talented person to interpret this information and relay it in a way that makes sense to someone who knows nothing of astrology. Debra was so thorough that my outlook on astrology has changed. She also pointed out what I could research further that would pertain to the present and immediate future, so I can be mindful of the current energies of our reality and how they can relate to me specifically. I highly recommend anyone take a deep dive into themselves through the eye of an expert like Debra."  –Monica