Your Starry Story
Natal Chart Reading

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no-one alive who is youer than you.”
- Dr. Seuss

Everyone has a story, and yours is special and unique to you.  The best stories offer a glimpse into the mysteries of life, of love, of purpose and adventure.  Your astrological birth chart contains all the components of the story that is your life – your gifts, strengths, opportunities and challenges.


An astrology reading is an adventure we will embark upon together.  Using your birth chart as our map, we will explore the meanings and messages of the planets based on their location at the exact time you were born.

You may ask me when scheduling your reading to focus on a particular life issue as part of the reading, or you may prefer to have a more general overview of your chart.

“A birth chart is a rich, living statement, full of insights, guidelines and warnings.  It describes not a static fate, but a flowing life pattern, full of options and risks.  Astrological forces present us not with answers, but with questions.  The answers we give are our own.  Astrology supplies the terrain.  How we navigate it is our own business.”

– Stephen Forrest, The Inner Sky

60-Minute Natal Chart Reading $125

Payments for readings are required in advance, at the time you schedule your session.