Starry Stories for Children
Parenting Made Easier

“On the day you were born, the angels clapped their hands and the moon danced with the stars.”

- Author Unknown

I’ll tell you a secret… your child actually does come with an instruction manual.  It’s called the astrological natal chart!  

The configuration of planets, their juxtaposition to each other, within signs and houses, are the keys to your child’s “nature” that can provide you with the best ways to “nurture” them!  Imagine knowing early in your child’s life that they will thrive in certain circumstances and experiences, but may be challenged in others.  Your child’s astrological chart provides insights into how you can best parent your child, to help them develop their strengths and to navigate life’s inevitable difficulties.  

60-Minute Reading of Child’s Natal Chart $125

Payments for readings are required in advance, at the time you schedule your session.


“Debra beautifully captured my son’s personality and essence in her reading of his astrological chart. Using simple language, she explained the various signs, planets and houses and how they influence who he is as a person.  Her reading reinforced my understanding of my son and provided reassurance that the choices we are making as parents support his individual essence.”  - Olga

“In typical Debra fashion, the reading was professional, thorough, and delivered with an infectious smile.  Her reading of my (then infant) daughter has been –so far- spot on.  Knowing my daughter will always be ‘creative’ in how she does things helped me relax as she hit developmental milestones in her own unique fashion and timeline.  Having such an in-depth look at my daughter’s astrological birth chart has been amazing and I’d highly recommend Debra to anyone looking for insight into their child’s inner world!” - Melissa