Another Trip Around the Sun
Progressed Chart*

“Roads?  Where we’re going we don’t need roads!” 
-Doc Brown, Back to the Future

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.”  

-Walt Whitman

*This reading is a follow-up to your natal chart reading.  It includes a brief overview of where you’ve been in the past year and a glimpse into where the energies are taking you in the coming year.

The planets are always on the move.  While the natal chart provides an inventory of the “equipment and supplies” you take with you on your life’s journey, you will continually navigate the route with every choice, every decision, and every move you make.  As the planetary influences change, so too will your experience of those influences, depending on where they land in your (newly-progressed) chart and the choices, etc. that led to where you now find yourself.  For example, a progressed chart may tell you where you feel drawn to action or for a need to change focus.  Or maybe it just offers an explanation of the way you’re currently feeling.  An annual progressed chart can be seen as a “check up” for the goals and wishes you have for yourself and your life.  At the time of scheduling, you may request that I focus on particular themes, or look forward to a more general reading.

60-Minute Session $125  

 (Discounted price of $100 is available within one year of natal chart reading or within one year of last progressed chart reading)

Payments for readings are required in advance, at the time you schedule your session.