About Debra

I am a healer – an astrologer, registered nurse, licensed massage therapist, energy medicine practitioner and certified life coach.  My longtime focus on health and wellness adds a depth and richness to my approach to astrology and – most importantly – to my interactions with the people whose charts I am entrusted to explore.

I believe that we are all multi-dimensional beings, endlessly fascinating and complex.  I believe we are here on Earth to realize our greatest potential and to do the greatest good, for ourselves and others.  Astrology is an amazing and valuable tool of discovery, able to provide guidance and direction for that greatest of all journeys – to self-awareness, transformation and self-actualization.  If we can embrace its wisdom, our life’s path can become clearer.  Experiences become opportunities for growth and learning.  Relationships teach us as much about ourselves as about another.  Our patterns and beliefs, once revealed, become insights into who we are and who we wish to be.  

As an astrologer, I offer myself as a guide – a supportive, reassuring, practical and light-hearted helper.  My goals are to illuminate, through your unique astrological chart, the parts of you, your life, and your relationships that long to be understood, expressed or just acknowledged and to provide you with a guided experience leading to self-knowledge and a clearer understanding of your “right” answers, ones that will allow you to live in alignment with your goals, values and desires.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

Testimonial:  “Debra, I truly cannot thank you enough for everything.  The time and love you put into our session is felt deeply by me, and I am very grateful.” – Emily